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Pareto Policy Solutions, LLC is a policy analysis and advocacy firm committed to advancing sustainability through “smart” regulation: regulation that rewards, and does not penalize, superior performance.  Often, such actions leverage advances in science and technology and make the regulatory program itself more effective as well as more efficient.

Regulation magazine

Keith B. Belton, 2017. "Improving Regulatory Impact Analysis ", Regulation, Spring, pp. 7-9.

Federal regulators currently enjoy a monopoly position in the market for regulatory analysis. This article offers a new idea to increase competition in this market. Such a public policy would greatly improve the objectivity of regulatory impact analysis to and lead to better regulation.

The Washington Post, February 15, 2017

The Feb. 13 front-page article "GOP moves quickly to curtail regulations"  failed to mention that the Office of Management and Budget aims to reduce regulatory costs without sacrificing public benefits by minimizing what economists call the “opportunity cost” of federal mandates. It can do this by eliminating rules that are redundant, duplicative or ineffective or by improving regulations based on cost-benefit analysis. This surgical approach, which will target a tiny fraction of the 2,500 to 4,500 final regulations issued annually, is all about efficiency and warrants more attention.

Keith Belton, Millersville

Issues in Science & Technology

Keith B. Belton and James W. Conrad Jr. 2016. "A Second Act for Risk-Based Chemicals Regulation", Issues in Science & Technology, Fall, 77-83.

This article describes historical issues with the Toxic Substances Control Act, recent amendments to the law to address these issues, and the implications for the risk paradigm as the foundation for chemicals policy.

Regulation magazine

Keith B. Belton, 2016. "Chemical Safety 2.0", Regulation, Fall, pp. 16-19.  

This article describes the amended Toxic Substances Control Act and why EPA should leverage external risk analysis to meet the Act's objectives. 

Regulation magazine

Keith B. Belton. 2015. "The Promise and Peril of Retrospective Review", Regulation, Summer, pp. 8-10.

This article describes the Obama Administration's efforts to retrospectively review regulations and why such an agency-managed process is unlikely to maximize efficiency.

From National Journal

CONSULTING GAME:  Keith Belton, Pareto Policy Solutions

by Mike Magner, October 4, 2014

Back when he was a student at the University of Maryland, Keith Belton learned about Italian economist Wilfredo Pareto, a pioneer in the study of income and wealth distribution. Belton admired Pareto’s work so much that when he started his own consulting firm this summer he named it Pareto Policy Solutions. His goal, he says, is to help companies advocate for more effective, efficient regulations that provide “greater public benefit at less cost.” Belton has three decades of experience in policy work.

“I’ve spent half my career as a congressional lobbyist and half as a regulatory analyst,” he says. He worked seven years for the American Chemical Society, 10 years for the American Chemistry Council, four years in the White House Office of Management and Budget, and nearly eight years as director of government affairs for Dow Chemical before launching Pareto in June. 

From CQ Weekly


by Kaitlyn Ridel, October 27, 2014

After 25 years as a lobbyist and regulatory analyst — someone who helps companies conform with laws and regulations — Keith Belton decided to branch out on his own, launching Pareto Policy Solutions, a policy analysis and advocacy firm.

Belton, 51, opened the firm in September to address environmental, health and safety regulatory issues. “From my perspective, the next couple of years in particular are going to be very interesting in terms of the design of regulatory programs and what they accomplish,” he says, “and I thought I would start a firm to address that market.”

Prior to opening Pareto Policy Solutions, Belton worked as director of government relations at Dow Chemical and as a lobbyist and regulatory analyst for the American Chemistry Council. Both, along with Business Roundtable, have become clients of his firm.

The Maryland native also has been an economist in the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs in the Office of Management and Budget, where he performed cost-benefit analysis for regulatory programs and helped coordinate interagency reviews. It was there that Belton was able to hone his regulatory analysis skills.

“I really am interested in trying to be a catalyst for change,” he says, “so that regulatory programs can be made more efficient and more effective.”


From Politico

Belton launches Pareto Policy Solutions

By BYRON TAU | 09/16/14 1:59 PM EDT

BELTON LAUNCHES PARETO POLICY SOLUTIONS: Keith B. Belton a veteran regulatory analyst and lobbyist — has launched the new firm Pareto Policy Solutions. The D.C.-based firm will focus on using campaign-style tactics to influence federal regulatory programs and regulatory decisions. It’s part of a larger shift in federal policymaking from Capitol Hill to the executive agencies. Belton’s bet is that the wave of major regulations relating to the environment, human health and safety expected after the November election will help sustain the new firm. Initial clients include Dow Chemical, the Business Roundtable and the American Chemistry Council. “The next two years will be unprecedented in terms of the number and magnitude of major regulations and regulatory approvals,” said Belton in a statement. “Companies need to understand the impact of these rules and decisions and what it means to their bottom line. PPS can help them focus their advocacy and compliance resources where they will have the biggest impact.”


From The Hill

New regulatory lobby shop hangs shingle

By Megan R. Wilson - 09/16/14 06:32 PM EDT

 A new lobbying firm that exclusively provides clients exclusively on regulations has already signed three big clients.

Pareto Policy Solutions, upon setting up shop, had already picked up Dow Chemical, the Business Roundtable, and the American Chemistry Council.

At the helm is Keith Belton, a longtime corporate lobbyist and former economist at the Office of Management and Budget. Specifically, he worked with the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs within OMB, the office that reviews federal regulations.

“I see so many corporations on Congress and focusing so much attention toward congressional debates, but I see that shifting [over to the regulatory side] and I want to be part of that shift,” he told The Hill on Tuesday about his decision to forge out on his own. “There's a market opportunity here. This administration is going to push their agenda through regulation.”

Bookmarking his time at the White House, Belton had been an in-house lobbyist at Dow Chemical and, before that, the American Chemistry Council.

The Obama administration has repeatedly said it would take regulatory action where it could in order to counter a lack of legislative activity by Congress. Some of the most impactful will be on the environmental front, such as sweeping Environmental Protection Agency rules to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. 

“The next two years will be unprecedented in terms of the number and magnitude of major regulations and regulatory approvals,” Belton said in a release. “Companies need to understand the impact of these rules and decisions and what it means to their bottom line.” 

The firm, which will specialize in health, environment and safety regulations, “will help identify, advocate for, and achieve smarter regulation—greater public benefit at less cost.”

While the shop is just Belton for now, he says that adding clients could mean bringing on more lobbyists as well.

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